OCAD is a software program for drawing maps of all types.

OCAD version 2018 was released in March of 2018. The new version has many new features and several new editions… contact us for the latest pricing.

Thanks to the simple handling and prepared sets of symbols, you will be able to draw perfect maps based on scanned originals in just a short time. However, OCAD is far more than just a map drawing program: If you have access to basic vector geodata, then you can import it and automatically assign symbols or signatures to it, which you can organize according to your own individual concepts. If you want to enhance maps with additional objects, then you all you need to do is record them in the terrain with a handy GPS device and import them into the map. If necessary, you can edit map objects with numerous editing functions so that they satisfy the highest cartographical visualization demands. Thanks to the ODBC interface, you can link map objects to tables or databases and record additional information in them. Finally, you export the map as a PDF file and send it to the printing process or publish it as an interactive map in the Internet.

Geodata Capture

Ocad runs on Windows and can be installed on a MAC that has the ability to run Windows programs. It also runs easily on Windows tablet PC’s. Moreover, OCAD has an interface to receive GPS and laser range finder (TruPulse) signals. Therefore, OCAD is very much suitable for geodata capturing. With the same software package you can capture data, and finally edit and publish it. In addition, the import and export tools for GPS data (GPX, NMEA files etc.) widen the range of possible GPS applications.

Import and Export of Geodata

OCAD has developed an import and export function for geodata (SHP, DXF, OSM files etc.), which helps you to assign geodata to your predefined map symbols automatically and maintain the provided original geodata base as well (ODBC Connection).

Desktop Publishing

OCAD provides several export formats (Adobe Illustrator, PDF, SVG, EPS etc.) so that maps can be printed in a DTP environment. Additionally, DTP files (Adobe Illustrator, PDF, SVG etc.) can also be imported into OCAD in order to benefit from its specific cartographic drawing and editing tools or to transfer them into a GIS environment.

Internet Maps

The OCAD Internet Map (OIM) Wizard helps you to create an interactive Web version of your maps. You can export the map in raster format or wrap it over one of the Planet Browsers (KML/KMZ).

Worldwide Use of OCAD

OCAD is used by map publishers, national institutes of cartography and topography, land surveying offices, town-, district- and municipality planning, fire brigades, graphics firms, planning and engineering offices, schools, universities, army headquarters, sport and recreation clubs etc.