Map Adventure Programs

Unlimited potential

Map Adventure Programs are tailored to each audience but all incorporate fun-filled series of activities using maps to teach navigational skills, learn more about an area, or develop teamwork. Orienteering Unlimited develops a customized program for each of its clients. What can we create for you?

School Programs

School programs can be designed for students of all ages. Programs can be designed to supplement many aspects of a curriculum. Program can be held on school grounds or at a local park.

Corporate/Executive Programs

Corporate/Executive programs foster teamwork through fun-filled activities. Programs can last from a few hours to several days. Your organization’s adventure can range from a theme that’s “all business,” to one that lets your employees get lost in having fun…or have fun getting lost! So, the next time your boss tells you to find a training program, consider the challenging, fun, and unique Map Adventures conducted by Orienteering Unlimited – we’ll help put you on the corporate map.

Scout Programs

Scout programs can be designed to fulfill various scout requirements for badge programs. Orienteering Unlimited has also create a variety of maps (orienteering, trail and facility) for scout camps.

JROTC Training

JROTC training is an excellent training program for JROTC members to learn about navigation strategies and is a part of many units training programs. Orienteering Unlimited has worked closely with various units to train both their trainees and leaders. Orienteering Unlimited has developed programs that can be as brief as several hours or last one or more days.

Facility Map

Orienteering Map